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↓ Takeaway Menu
Dall Soup £3.50
Onion Bhaji (st) (Two in a portion) £3.50
Veg Somosa (Two in a portion) £3.25
Meat Somosa (Two in a portion) £3.25
Chicken Tikka (st) £4.25
Lamb Tikka (st) £4.25
Paneer Tikka (st) (Cheese) £4.25
Tandoori Chicken (st) (on the bone) £4.25
Sheek Kebab (Mince Lamb & Two in a portion) £4.25
Shamee Kebab (Mince Lamb & Two in a portion) £4.25
Reshmi Kebab (Mince Lamb & omelette) £5.25
Chicken Pakora (Battered Chicken) £4.95
Prawn Puri

“Marinated prawns served with freshly cooked deep-fried bread.”

King Prawn Puri

“Marinated King prawns served with freshly cooked deep-fried bread.”

Mixed Starter

“2 Pieces Chi Tk 2 Pieces Lamb Tk & 1 Pieces Onion Bhaji”

Tandoori Special
Dry & Medium: Marinated & spiced, cooked in clay oven. Served with Salad & mint sauce
Chicken Tikka (Main) £7.95
Lamb Tikka (Main) £7.95
Tandoori Chicken (Main) (on the bone) £7.95
Paneer Tikka (Main) £7.95
Chicken Shashlick £9.95
Lamb Shashlick £9.95
Paneer Shashlick £9.95
King Prawn Shashlick £13.95
Tandoori King Prawn £11.95
Tandoori Mixed Grill (With nan) £11.95
Special Dishes
Marinated & spiced, cooked with onion, tomato & green pepper
Garlic Chicken (Medium) £8.95
Garlic Lamb (Medium) £8.95
Garlic Chilli Chicken (Hot) £9.95
Garlic Chilli Lamb (Hot) £9.95
Chicken Chili Massalla (Sweet & Hot) £9.95
Chicken Tikka Rezala ((Medium & Tangy) £9.95
Lamb Tikka Rezala £9.95
Tandoori King Prawn Rezala £12.95
Chicken Tikka Dhania ((Medium – Coriander) £9.95
Lamb Tikka Dhania £9.95
Tandoori King Prawn Dhania £12.95
Chicken Moglai (Medium – Mince Lamb, Egg) £10.50
Keema Peas ((Medium – Mince Lamb) £8.95
Korai & Jalfrezi Dishes
Korai; Medium dish cooked with chunks of onion, tomato & green pepper

Jalfrezi; Hotdish cooked with onion, green chili, tomato & green pepper

Mixed Vegetable Korai or Jalfrezi £6.95
Chicken Korai or Jalfrezi £8.95
Meat Korai or Jalfrezi £8.95
Chicken Tikka Korai or Jalfrezi £9.95
Lamb Tikka Korai or Jalfrezi £9.95
Prawn Korai or Jalfrezi £9.95
King Prawn Korai or Jalfrezi £10.95
Achari & Goan Dishes
Achari; Little bit hot, cooked with mixed pickle, tomato, onion & green peppers

Goan; Little bit hot, cooked with green chili, tomato, onion & green peppers

Mixed Vegetable Achari or Goan £6.95
Chicken Achari or Goan £8.95
Meat Achari or Goan £8.95
Chicken Tikka Achari or Goan £9.95
Lamb Tikka Achari or Goan £9.95
Prawn Achari or Goan £9.95
King Prawn Achari or Goan £10.95
Bhoona & Dupiaza Dishes
Bhooona: A thick med sauce, cooked with sliced onion, tomato & green pepper

Dupiaza: Medium dish cooked with an excellent serving of onion, tomato & green pepper

Mixed Vegetable Bhoona or Dupiaza £5.95
Chicken Bhoona or Dupiaza £6.95
Meat Bhoona or Dupiaza £6.95
Paneer Bhoona or Dupiaza £6.95
Chicken Tikka Bhoona or Dupiaza £8.95
Lamb Tikka Bhoona or Dupiaza £8.95
Prawn Bhoona or Dupiaza £7.95
King Prawn Bhoona or Dupiaza £9.95
Tandoori King Prawn Bhoona £12.95
Naga & Satkora Dishes

Naga: Fairly hot, cooked with viper chili (Naga), onion, tomatoes, green peppers, bursting with flavors

Satkora: Medium & Citrusy – Cooked with citrusy fruit, onion, tomatoes & green peppers

Mixed Vegetable Naga or Satkora £6.95
Chicken Naga or Satkora £8.95
Meat Naga or Satkora £8.95
Chicken Tikka Naga or Satkora £9.95
Lamb Tikka Naga or Satkora £9.95
Prawn Naga or Satkora £9.95
King Prawn Naga or Satkora £10.95
Golden Bengal Curry & Bhoona Dishes
Curry: Cooked in a mild to medium sauce with egg & tomato
Bhoona: Medium dish cooked with boiled egg, tomato, onion & green peppers
Golden Bengal Vegetable Curry or Bhoona £6.95
Golden Bengal Chicken Curry or Bhoona £7.50
Golden Bengal Meat Curry or Bhoona £7.50
Golden Bengal Prawn Curry or Bhoona £8.50
Golden Bengal King Prawn Curry or Bhoona £10.95
Butter Dishes
Mild dish marinated with chef’s own blended spices served in a creamy butter sauce
Butter Mixed Vegetable £6.95
Butter Chicken £8.95
Butter Lamb £8.95
Butter prawn £8.95
Butter King Prawn £10.95
Massalla & Passanda Dishes
Massalla: Cooked with ground almond, coconut flour, cream & special mild massalla sauce

Passanda: Mild dish cooked with ground almonds, coconut flour, flake almond with mild creamy sauce

Mixed Vegetable Massalla or Passanda £6.95
Chicken Tikka Massalla  or Passanda £8.95
Lamb Tikka Massalla or Passanda £8.95
Paneer Tikka Massalla or Passanda £8.95
Prawn Massalla or Passanda £8.95
King Prawn Passanda £10.95
Tandoori King Prawn Massalla £12.95
Kurma Dishes

Very mild dish cooked with carnation milk, ground almond, coconut & raisins

Mixed Vegetable Kurma £6.95
Chicken Kurma £7.50
Meat Kurma £7.50
Prawn Kurma £8.50
King Prawn Kurma £10.95
Fruit Dishes

Kasmir: Cooked in a mild to medium sauce with banana & litchi

Malayan: Cooked in a mild to medium sauce with Pineapple

Mixed Vegetable Kashmir or Malayan £6.95
Chicken Kashmir or Malayan £7.50
Meat Kashmir or Malayan £7.50
Prawn Kashmir or Malayan £8.50
King Prawn Kashmir or Malayan £10.95
Balti Dishes

Medium & Sour – Cooked with onion, tomato, green pepper & own blended spices with a thick sauce

Mixed Vegetable Balti £6.95
Chicken Balti £8.95
Meat Balti £8.95
Paneer Balti £8.95
Chicken Tikka Balti £9.95
Lamb Tikka Balti £9.95
Prawn Balti £9.95
King Prawn Balti £10.95

Persian Dishes

Dansak: Sweet, Sour, a little bit hot cooked with lentils

Pathia: Sweet, sour, hot cooked with Onion, Tomato & Green pepper

Mixed Vegetable Dansak or Pathia £6.95
Chicken Dansak or Pathia £8.95
Meat Dansak or Pathia £8.95
Paneer Dansak or Pathia £8.95
Chicken Tikka Dansak or Pathia £9.95
Lamb Tikka Dansak or Pathia £9.95
Prawn Dansak or Pathia £9.95
King Prawn Dansak or Pathia £10.95

Biryani Dishes

Cooked with basmati rice with medium spices & served with vegetable curry
Mixed Vegetable Biryani £7.95
Mushroom Biryani £7.95
Chicken Biryani £8.95
Meat Biryani £8.95
Paneer Biryani £8.95
Chicken Tikka Biryani £9.95
Lamb Tikka Biryani £9.95
Prawn Biryani £9.95
King Prawn Biryani £11.95
Golden Bengal Biryani Dishes
Cooked with basmati rice with medium spices & raisins – served with vegetable curry & omelet
Golden Bengal Vegetable Biryani £8.95
Golden Bengal Chicken Biryani £9.95
Golden Bengal Meat Biryani £9.95
Golden Bengal Prawn Biryani £10.95
Golden Bengal King Prawn Biryani £12.95
Rogan & Methi Dishes
Rogan: Medium – Marinated in various herbs & spices, cooked in tomatoes

Methi: Cooked together in fenugreek, Indian herbs & spices

Mixed Vegetable Rogan or Methi £5.95
Chicken Rogan or Methi £6.95
Meat Rogan or Methi £6.95
Chicken Tikka Rogan or Methi £8.95
Lamb Tikka Rogan or Methi £8.95
Prawn Rogan or Methi £7.95
King Prawn Rogan or Methi £9.95
Mushroom & Sag Dishes
Mushroom: Medium & saucy dish cooked with chef’s own blended spices

Sag: Medium & wet dish cooked with spinach & various spices

Chicken Mushroom or Sag £7.95
Meat Mushroom or Sag £7.95
Prawn Mushroom or Sag £8.95
King Prawn Mushroom or Sag £10.95
Curry & Madras Dishes
Curry: Cooked in a medium sauceMadras: Cooked in a hot sauce
Mixed Vegetable Madras £5.95
Chicken Curry or Madras £6.95
Meat Curry or Madras £6.95
Paneer Curry or Madras £6.95
Chicken Tikka Curry or Madras £8.95
Lamb Tikka Curry or Madras £8.95
Prawn Curry or Madras £7.95
King Prawn Curry or Madras £9.95
Ceylon & Vindaloo Dishes
Ceylon: Cooked in a hot sauce with coconut flourVindaloo: Cooked in a very hot sauce with potatoes
Mixed Vegetable Ceylon or Vindaloo £5.95
Chicken Ceylon or Vindaloo £6.95
Meat Ceylon or Vindaloo £6.95
Chicken Tikka Ceylon or Vindaloo £8.95
Lamb Tikka Ceylon or Vindaloo £8.95
Prawn Ceylon or Vindaloo £7.95
King Prawn Ceylon or Vindaloo £9.95
Phall Dishes
Cooked in extremely hot sauce
Mixed Vegetable Phall £5.95
Chicken Phall £6.95
Meat Phall £6.95
Prawn Phall £7.95
King Prawn Phall £9.95
Side Dishes
Onion Bhaji (Two in a Portion) £3.25
Mixed Vegetable Curry

(Cooked with Cabbage, Carrot, Celery, Cut beans, Onion, Peas, Potato, Swede, Sweetcorn & Tomato.)

Dry Mixed Vegetable £4.25
Sag Bhaji (Spinach) £4.25
Mushroom Bhaji £4.25
Bhindi Bhaji (Okra) £4.25
Brinjal Bhaji (Aubergine) £4.25
Cauliflower Bhaji £4.25
Sag Alo (Spinach & Potato) £4.25
Bombay Aloo (Potato) £4.25
Alo Gobi (Potato & Cauliflower) £4.25
Dall (Lentils) £4.25
Tarka Dall (Lentils with Fried Garlic) £4.25
Sag Dall (Spinach & Lentils) £4.25
Chana Sag (Chickpeas & Spinach) £4.25
Chana Massalla (Chickpeas) £4.25
Sag Paneer (Mild- Cheese & Spinach) £4.25
Motor Paneer (Mild-Peas & Cheese) £4.25
Plain Rice £2.75
Pillaw Rice £2.95
Special Rice (Fried Egg, Peas & Onion) £3.25
Mushroom Rice £3.25
Garlic Rice £3.25
Lemon Rice £3.25
Onion Rice £3.25
Coconut   Rice £3.25
Coriander Rice £3.25
Egg Fried Rice £3.25
Chilli Rice £3.25
Mixed Vegetable Rice £3.95
Kashmiri Rice (Mixed Fruit & Nut) £3.95
Keema Rice (Mince Lamb) £3.95
Papadum £0.80
Spicy Papadom £0.80
Chapati £1.95
Puri £1.95
Tandoori Roti £2.95
Paratha £3.25
Stuffed Paratha

(Mixed Vegetable)

Plain Nan £2.95
Peshwari Nan

(Coconut & Raisins)

Keema Nan

(Mince Lamb)

Garlic Nan £3.25
Coriander Nan £3.25
Chilli Nan £3.25
Cheese nan £3.25
Butter Nan £3.25
Onion Salad £0.75
Mango Chutney £0.75
Mint Sauce £0.75
Lime Pickle £0.75
Raitha(yoghurt) £1.95
Onion Raitha £1.95
Cucumber Raitha £1.95
Mixed Raitha £1.95

Mixed Vegetables: Cooked with Cabbage, Carrot, Celery, Cut beans, Onion, Peas, Potato, Swede, Sweetcorn & Tomato.

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